Sports Trivia: Beautiful sportswomen

Human beauty is extremely related to concepts such as health, youthfulness, symmetry, and complexion. All of these concepts are also very related to sports. So no wonder why we can find really beautiful women in the world of sports.

Below you can find a list of the most attractive sportswomen according to the team

Alicia Sacramone

Name: Alicia Sacramone
Nationality: United States
Sport: Artistic gymnastics
Currently active
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Leryn Franco

Name: Leryn Franco
Nationality: Paraguayan
Sport: Javelin throw
Currently active
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Amanda Beard

Name: Amanda Beard
Nationality: United States
Sport: Swimming
Currentl active
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Magdalena Aicega

Name: Magdalena Aicega
Nationality: Argentinian
Sport: Field Hockey
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Rita Dravucz

Name: Rita Dravucz
Nationality: Hungarian
Sport: Water Polo
Currently active

Lokelani McMichael

Name: Lokelani McMichael
Nationality: United States (Hawaii)
Sport: Triathlon, Surfing
Currently active
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